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Pierre Bruneau (#8)

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Pierre Bruneau is a well-known, veteran chief news anchor on the French language TV network TVA.

A bit of context:  Anglophone Canada has one major public broadcaster (CBC), and two major private television networks (CTV and Global).   Francophone Canada has one major coast-to-coast, Québec-centric, public TV network (Radio-Canada) and one major private TV network (TVA), as well as several smaller private TV networks (of which “V” and “Télé-Québec” would be the next largest variety-styled TV networks, whereas RDI [24-hour news from Radio-Canada], LCN [24-hr news from TVA], and RDS [24-hr sports] would be amongst the largest specialty TV channels).

TVA is often said to attract the largest single viewership of all TV networks and stations (with Radio-Canada placing #2).   TVA’s flagship dinner-time news program is Le TVA 18 heures.  Pierre Bruneau is the network’s chief news anchor (In addition to the 6pm news, he also is the noon and 5pm chief news anchor).

So with that context behind us, in general terms, it’s safe to say that Pierre Bruneau is as well known in Québec as CTV’s Lloyd Robertson / Lisa Laflamme, or CBC’s Peter Mansbridge would be in Anglophone Canada.   With a stable 30 year career as chief news anchor, he is a household name and one of the people most Québécois turn to for their news.  To many in his audience, he is one of only a small group of major news anchors who they have tuned into their entire lives, with whom they lived the major news events of the last several decades (referendums, elections, tragedies, societal changes and challenges).  His name and face remains synonymous with news in Québec.

Regardless of whether you like his style or not, or whether or not you feel he may give more attention to one part of society than another, it is undeniable that he provides a sense of stability and continuity in a world of highs and lows, and victories and losses.  With very few suprises, you know what to expect when you tune in.  That may be part of his greatest appeal.

Where to begin your own searches and learning:

If your television provider does not provide TVA in your region of Canada, you can access official online news bulletins online at TVA’s website http://tva.canoe.ca/diffusion-web , or other through other online official clips.  (Please respect copyrights when conducting your online searches for video footage).


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