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Kaïn (#24)

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Kaïn is a four-man pop-music group, with a folk-rock genre.   True to Québec’s musical roots (discussed somewhat in the country post), folk-rock is a type of sound that is often heard of Québec artists, and regularly charts.

Kaïn’s musical career continues to fly higher and higher.  They’ve been relatively well known over the past 10 years, coming up as repeated awards nominees, and featured as guests on television.   Steve Veilleux, the lead singer, is recognized by the public and is the main face of the group, as well as its spokesperson when appearing on various media platforms.  The remaining three members are the musicians and back up vocals.

Although they’re not a new group (they’ve been together for more than 15 years), their music has been playing quite frequently on the radio the last three years, with several regular chart-hits.

Some of their better known songs are:

  • Jusqu’au dernier jour
  • La tête en l’air (2012)
  • À moitié moins heureux (2009)
  • La maison est grande (2008)
  • L’amour du jour (2007)

Judging from how much they’re played on air, numerous past award nominations, and a growing presence in the overall music scene, I have a feeling this is a group we’ll hear much more about in the future.

See if you can find some of their music – it gives some insight into the type of folk-rock that is popular in Québec.

Their music is for sale through various official venues.  Please do not pirate and stick to officially approved sites (our artists form part of our collective culture).


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