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Jonas and the Massive Attraction (#25 )

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The music of singer Jonas Tomalty, of Jonas and the Massive Attraction, has been radio chart-topping coast-to-coast across Canada.   Even if his name doesn’t readily come to mind, his music certainly is familiar to an entire demographic of hit-music radio listeners.

Some of his best known songs are:

  • Too Young to Be Broken
  • Breathing

No more needs to be said on that front… pretty self-evident.

But what most people do not realize is that this Anglophone Montréal native is charging full-steam ahead… in French! – breaking the charts and making a name for himself on Québec hit radio.

His songs in French…

  • Respire
  • Chante Encore
  • Jamais trop tard (duet with Marie-Mai)

… have been burnin’ up the airwaves and bustin’ the charts!– and he’s let on that there’s more to come.   He’s even opened his own celebrity restaurant, Rosewood, in the old sector of Montréal, where, if you’re lucky, you might catch a surprise performance from the man himself.   So now you have one more locale on your list of places to hit the next time you’re in Montréal.

This is one who definitely gets the title of “Barrier Breaker”.   Good on ya Jonas!

His music is for sale on various platforms.  Please stick to official sites and do not pirate.  Our artists form part of our cultural fabric.


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