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Marc Labrèche (#26)

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Marc Labrèche is one of the main faces of Montréwood and Québec television.  I also happen to think he’s one of the funniest guys alive!  He is another one of those versatile celebrities, known to all in Québec, who can be categorized under many categories of this blog; movie actor, stage actor television actor, comedian, and interviewer.   He has appeared in so many productions of each of these categories that, in order to keep this post short, I can only lightly touch upon a few highlights of his career.

If I could describe him in two words, they would be “hilarious” and “quick-witted” (ok, ok… that’s 2.5 words).   Consequently, the roles he is sought for call specifically for those two characteristics.  Those are also two characteristics which tend to often attract the public’s attention above all others. He’s a master of these two traits, and consequently is seen everywhere on TV and in movies – and is one of those people who incarnates modern Québec pop-culture.  You’re guaranteed a laugh, sometimes following a politically incorrect poke, regardless of his role.

He’s been an upfront role in Francophone television series which have gone down in the history books as being Montréwood classics.  If you want to really experience what a couple of generations of Québécois have grown up watching, talking about, and joking about, then check out some his better-known roles:

  • La petite vie; one of the most wildly popular TV comedy programs in Québec and Canadian history, breaking the 4 million viewership mark. Although it has been off the air for many years, it is still the subject of talk and jokes for an entire generation.
  • (1) La fin du monde est à sept heures, (2) Grand blond avec un show sournois, (3) 3600 secondes d’extase; all satirical news and comedy programs from the 90’s and 2000’s – sharing some similarities to SNL’s Weekend Update and The Daily Show — with added skits and twists.

If you were to see footage of the above, you would get a real feel for Montréwood comedy styles and what kind of humour resonates with Québec.

One of his more notable movie roles is as a lead player in Denys Arcand’s 1997 movie L’Âge des ténèbres.

Anybody who is anybody in Montréwood knows Labrèche or has worked with Labrèche.  I’m sure we’ll continue to see his talent on the petit écran in our homes and the grand écran in the theatre for years to come.

Crampes-toi pas trop!


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