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Claude Legault (#33)

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Last Saturday was SNL Québec’s 3rd episode.  In one of the sketches Normand Brathwaite was told he couldn’t play the lead role on television unless he changed his appearance.   He was told that only the likes of Claude Legault and Guy Nadon could got lead acting roles in Québec.  (If you didn’t catch the episode last Saturday, you can watch it on Télé-Québec’s website by clicking HERE)

So who is Claude Legault?  He’s been a leading actor in many television dramas and sitcoms spread across all networks, as well as a good number of movies over the past 15 years or so (a man in demand).

The TV drama series he currently stars in includes the very popular 19-2 on Radio-Canada (which also has an English version broadcast in Anglophone Canada on Bravo)He also stars in Un sur 2 (TVA), and Mon meilleur ami (Séries+). 

If you’ve never seen 19-2 before, I’d recommend you take in an episode or two.  The second season is over, but the 3rd season will be starting again in January on Radio-Canada.  It’s a police drama series set with the Montréal police department.  It representative of the type of excellent television coming out of Montréwood.   In 2013, Legault won a Prix Artis for best actor  for his role in 19-2, and the series won a Prix Gémeaux for best drama series in 2013 (audience numbers for the series have been in the millions).

Just to give you an idea of how long Legault has been starring on television, I can recall seeing him on Watatatow in the very early 1990s in my early teens, when he would have still been in his 20’s.  (Watatatow was kind of like a Francophone Degrassi Junior High but the setting didn’t have quite the same feel).


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