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Pierre Houde (#38)

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These next three posts will touch on three well-known people who share the family name “Houde”, but only two are directly related (that I know of).

If you’re a sports lover, perk-up… this post is for you, since the first Houde, Pierre Houde, is a famous sportscaster.

You recall I mentioned that Montréal, and Québec is a die-hard base for hockey fans, specifically for the Montréal canadiens.  Pierre Houde is “the” man who gives the play-by-plays, so it’s his voice who everyone hears when they tune in to catch the latest match.

Nothing lights up the room more than when Houde yells out a loooooonnnnggggg “GOAL!!!!!!!!!!” as everyone cheers madly.   It’s a unique Montréal experience to be walking down a Montréal or Québec City street lined with pubs & bars when this happens… you can literally hear the sounds and screams coming at you from all directions as people inside the bars go mad!

He also has been the announcer for the Formula 1 Montréal Grand-Prix.

You can catch him on Montréal-based RDS, the 24-hours dedicated sports TV network (the French equivalent of Anglophone Canada’s Toronto-based TSN, actually owned by the same network, CTV Specialty Television).

In the next post we’ll look at Paul’s famous brother, Pierre Houde.


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