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Louis-José Houde (#40)

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This is our last in our series of three people named “Houde”.

As far as I known, Louis-José Houde is not directly related to Pierre or Paul Houde.

He is a famous comedian, but with a much stronger media presence than the average circuit comedian.   When trying to think of Anglophone comparisons for Louis-José Houde, it’s actually kind of tough to place him.  The closest I can think of would be someone with the star power of Jeff Foxworthy, just as funny, but not necessarily axed on red-necked comedy (his range of comedy is wider).   The other big difference is that Houde has a much broader and more frequent media presence than Foxworthy.

Although his career began by doing hundreds of circuit comedy shows, along with DVD sales of his shows in the tens and tens of thousands, he is now a regular feature on television, as a stand-in in variety and interview programs, as well as TV commercials (he’s a sought after guest for programs such as Pénélope McQuade, Tout le monde en parle, Le mode en Savail, Le Bye-Bye, as well as a presenter for award galas, and so so many more).   He’s also had his own TV show, Ici Louis-José Houde on Radio-Canada.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s difficult to not see him somewhere on television, at least once every day — He’s one of the best known 30 somethings in all of Québec (born in 1977).  His face is one of the best recognized, and most often viewed comedians in Québec (you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know who he is) — and he has begun to venture into stand-up in France.

If you happened to view SNL Québec skits mentioned in the post Katherine Levac, then you would have seen Louis-José Houde as the host of the first episode of SNL Québec.   He has also taken acting roles along the way, including in box office smashes such as Bon Cop, Bad Cop, and De père en flic.


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