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Today’s Hit-Music Franco-Countdown (#43)

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I’m trying to keep up with one daily blog post per day… but I have a pretty busy life, so I may slip from time-to-time (not much time is spent at home).  You might not guess it from my blog, but I don’t have much time to watch TV.  However, the “on-the-run” version of the internet keeps me in the loop with news, snippets and subjects of interest.

So, this post will be a bit of a filler, but it’s still pertinent if you want to keep in touch with what’s hot right now in francophone music.  I encourage Anglophones of all stripes to incorporate bits and pieces of our country’s francophone culture into their own lives as part of their own Canadian culture and identity.

The following list is the result of “averaging” Francophone hit-music countdowns from several radio stations.   Basically, it’s the top of the charts of Francophone music in Québec and Canada at this moment.   Some of these tunes are great to listen to when cruising down the highway or doing chores around the house.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll surely recognize a few names in this countdown list.

(Artist — Song)

1st place tie
Mika — Boum Boum Boum
Rémi Chassé — Une armée dans ma voix

2nd place tie
Joseph Edgar — Espionne Russe
Dominique Hudson — Les Sunlights des tropiques
Les Trois Accords — Personne préférée

3rd place
Olivier Dion — Sortir de l’ombre

4th place tie
Alfa Rococo — Lumière
Laurence Hélie — Plus peur
Étienne Drapeau — T’es toute ma vie

5th place tie
Les Respectables — Cette fille
Andee — Never Gone
Maxime Laundry — Rendez-vous
Sam Roberts — Shapeshifter
Alex Nevsky — Vivre Pauvre

6th place tie
Jerôme Couture — Amoureux
Indila Dernière — Danse
Marc Dupré — Être à toi
Fanny Bloom — Piscine

7th place tie
Simon Boudreau — Fleur bleue
Alfa Rococo — Lumière

8th place tie
Alexandre Désilets — Crime Parfait
Jonathan Painchaud — Edge
Sophie Pelletier — Sans remords

9th place tie
Marie-Mai — Indivisible
Stéphan McNicolle — Tomber en amour

10th place
David Jalbert — Rassure-moi


Songs are available for purchase through various venues, online and in stores.  Please do not pirate (our artists form part of our cultural fabric).

Bonne écoute!


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