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1987 (#78)

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In an earlier post, Montréwood movies, I provided a list of award-winning Montréwood films in the categories of drama, comedy, and abstract/non-conventional.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post, “Mommy, Now playing in your city”, with a heads-up of pan-Canadian theatre showings for the highly acclaimed, Mommy.

Now that 2014 is wrapping up in seven weeks, we now have a good idea which Montréwood film, other than Mommy, takes the cake of success this year:  1987.

The film, 1987, is a sequel to the film 1981 (which came out in 2009).

To meld the two plots together, the 2009 film 1981 was set in the year 1981.  It was about a boy, Ricardo, who was out to impress classmates who he felt he didn’t measure up to.   He did so through lies and deceptions, and got himself into a bit of trouble.

Fast-forward six years, and in this year’s film 1987 (set in the year 1987) Ricardo is now 17 years old.  He’s in an age-group which experiences and lusts for a multitude of “firsts”, and Ricardo is no exception.  He wants desperately to earn a timeless badge of honour;  to manage to get into a bar while still underage.   To the chagrin of his parents, he’s out to have a lot of fun (partying, hanging out, and even starting his own bar/dance club for underage peers).   He’s got it in his mind that he needs to get into the sack with his girlfriend (his first experience), but she’s not so hot on the idea and wants to make sure he’s the right one for her.   But like many schemes which start out innocent enough, with little money to realize his goals, he gets himself deeper and deeper into trouble.  He starts to trade in stolen vehicle parts, and quickly becomes the head of the Sainte-Foy mafia (a district of Québec City).

1987 was released the first week of August, 2014.  As of 4 weeks ago, this $4.4 million dollar production, in terms of box-office sales, had already brought in almost as much as its initial production (considered a good success for a Montréwood film of this size).

The movie’s DVD will be coming out for sale the beginning of December.  If you have someone who likes movies, the official DVD might be a good gift just in time for the holidays.

Please do not pirate.  Our artists form part of our cultural fabric.


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