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Alex Nevsky (#95)

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Alex Nevsky is a singer who has been top of the charts for the last couple of years in Québec, and continues to be top of the charts today (I just checked, and his song “Vivre pauvre” is currently charting at #4 on Le grand décompte (the hit countdown) on Radio NRJ Montréal).

He’s quite young, but at 28 years old, he has achieved a phenomenal amount of success as a pop-singer.   He began to play the piano at a later age, then rapidly decided he wanted to study music (his home town, Granby, hosts the National College of Music).  He performed a bit, quickly garnered attention, and his career has been up up up ever since.

Nevsky is originally from the small city of Granby East of Montréal in the Eastern Townships.   In fact, Alex Nevsky is his stage name – his real name is Alexandre Parent (the stage name is inspired after the medieval Russian warrior, Alexander Nevsky).  His first album, in 2010 was produced by Yann Perreau, a big name in song-composing and producing circles in Québec (Perreau is one of the more influential contemporary personalities of pop music over the last 10 to 15 years).

Nevsky has been doing some major touring (around 50 dates in the past year), and various ticket dates are already on sale well into 2015 in various cities.

The following are some his better known songs, and those which are heard most often on the radio:

  • Les calories – #1 for three months
  • On leur a fait croire – #1 for more than a month
  • Milles raisons
  • Tuer le désir
  • Notre coeur
  • Les pas de la danse

Interestingly, he has publicly said he was a huge rap fan, and rap played a role in cementing his interest in music.  Yet his music seemingly has little (actually nothing) to do with rap.  I’d generally classify it as folk-pop-rock.

Alex Nevsky’s official website is http://alexnevsky.ca.

Now, when you think of Granby, other than the well-known zoo and the popular music festival (which most people associate with the town), you can also think of Alex Nevsky.

His music is for sale through various venues.  Please stick to official websites in your search for his music, and do not pirate (our artists are part of our cultural fabric).


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