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Marc Dupré (#112)

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There’s a twist in Marc Dupré’s background (I’ll let you in on it at the end of this post).

Marc Dupré has made quite a name for himself over the past few years as a famous chart-topping singer in Montréwood.   His songs have been chart-toppers and he’s done the concert circuit.

In his earlier public life, he was known as a comedian – doing comedy as far back as the 1990s (and he still does stand-up at the Juste pour rire festival).  His acts are a combination of jokes and imitations of other famous Québécois singers, such as Éric Lapointe and Kevin Parent.

In interviews, he often speaks of his family and children with pride.   Dupré had a very public touching family moment brought him to tears on television, when his young daughter, Stella, performed an Adèle song on the Radio-Canada program En direct de l’univers.

He was one of the coaches on La Voix which boosted his presence to a new level in Québec.

Dupré can often be seen in various high-profile appearances, be it talk shows (the likes of Le mode Salvail and others), or major events such as the Festival d’été de Québec (the Québec City summer music festival).

Some of his more well-known songs include:

  • Nous sommes les mêmes.
  • Être à toi
  • Voyager vers toi
  • Si pour te plaire
  • Qu’est-ce que t’as fait de moi
  • Entre deux mondes

He has won best artist and song awards of various types.

Now for the twist I mentioned at the beginning of the post :  His wife is the daughter of René Angélil (Celine Dion’s husband).  He has performed with Celine and she wrote the song Entre deux mondes for him.

His work is available for sale through various venues.  Please do not pirate and stick to official sites (our artists are part of our cultural fabric).


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