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Antoine Bertrand (#121)

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This is the latest post in the blog series “Qui êtes-vous?” .

You may recall that I did a post a few weeks ago titled “Québec’s Rough’n Toughs”In that post, I spoke about the story of Louis Cyr, Québec’s strong man from the beginning of the last century (at that time, labelled the strongest man in the world).

Antoine Bertrand is an actor in his late 30’s who has held various well-known roles over the years.  One such role was as the main actor in the 2013 movie L’Homme le plus fort au monde (The Strongest Man in the World).  It was a movie about Louis Cyr, played by Bertrand.

However, Bertrand’s other well-known roles date well before the movie.  Bertrand became known to the public at large in his acting role in Virginie, one of the higher rated evening sitcoms which aired in the early and mid-2000s.    He also acted in another well known TV series of the same period, Les Bourgons, c’est aussi ça la vie!, as well as Caméra Café, a co-host of the very popular variety show Les enfants de la télé, and he has held other comedic roles – regularly seen on some of our more common television events.

In the television program “Qui êtes-vous?”, Bertrand traces his English Stebbin family roots to New England, the challenges his family had, and how they arrived in Québec.  He travelled to England to discover his roots, back 12 generations.


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