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The annual “Rendez-vous de la Francophonie”, coming to a city near you (#139)

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This is an event I would encourage Anglophone Canadians, all across Canada, to consider marking on their calendar.  Le Rendez-vous de la francophonie (currently in its 17th year) is an event which brings “our” (all of ours, Francophones & Anglophones alike) unique Francophone culture to the forefront.

Events are held across Canada for a short period of time in a festival-of-sorts atmosphere.

I would classify this event more than just an arts & cultural event – but rather a distinct moment in the calendar year to simply reconnect, or even forge new connections with an aspect of our common heritage which makes Canada the place it is today (I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to mark “Le Rendez-vous” on your calendar and to set aside an hour or two to check it out) 🙂 .

There will be 1,800 pan-Canadian activities, which include various events and National Film Board film screenings (1,800 events… that’s quite an undertaking!). Whether you attend any of the events by yourself, with friends or with family – I guarantee you’ll go home with a feeling of being a bit better connected to what makes us Canadian

This is a completely inclusive event for all Canadians, and it recognizes that you don’t have to be Francophone to have a feeling of ownership and participation in Canada’s Francophone fabric.  So even if you don’t speak French, don’t be at all afraid to check this out. You will be more than welcome on equal footing along with everyone else (you’ll be surrounded by your own capatriots, after all).

The English version of the Rendez-vous’ website outlines events in your province and region.

The link is http:/rvf.ca/home.php.

Le Rendez-vous de la francophonie will run from March 6 to 22, 2015.

François Massicotte, a celebrity comedian, is one of the co-spokespersons of this years’ Rendez-vous and will be the subject of tomorrow’s post.

Bonnes festivités!


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