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Yup, There are those days which sometimes seem like this… (#142)

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You ever just have one of those days? …

a.1For starters…b.1

And then there are those Franco-life dilemmas…h.1

But just as you think you’re the only one, you see a glimmer of hope…c.1

But alas, is best to eat away your Franco-sorrows…

And when that doesn’t work, look for the “sunny” side of things…e.1Yeah, things can be rough after all of the above , so I tend to find solace in private “alone” time when driving, and listening to whatever I want…

But all is not lost… And no, you’re not alone…  Are those Francophones walking by??g.1

(Hey, I never claimed to be an artist.   But as for being a realist… ) 🙂

Nah, life ain’t so bad… Some things are worth a laugh!  (And yeah, there is lots of French outside Québec too, so word-to-the-wise… run with it wherever you are in Canada!).

Ouais, je concède c’est un peu poche, mais à 05h00 j’ai la cervelle qui frappe un nœud à matin.  Ça doit être l’effet du soyeu (comme on dit en bon français prairien, ou l’effet du “nombril de la semaine” en bon québécois) … c’est mercredi malgré tout.  Mais c’est pas toute qui est “couenné”… Je vois que ch’quand-même capable de faire sortir du bon prairien de l’écorce à c’t’heure du matin!  Chose certaine, une gorgée de café et ch’erais remis drette-là 😉


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