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Odds ‘n Ends post (#205)

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I have an early flight from Regina to Toronto this morning, so this will just be an odds ‘n ends post.

Rendez-vous de la Francophonie:

The Rendez-vous de la Francophonie is in full swing right now, with movies, concerts & other public events happening across Canada, until later in March.  I previously wrote a post on it which you can find here:  The annual “Rendez-vous de la Francophonie”, coming to a city near you,

Regardless where you are, and regardless of your level of French, check it out if you have a chance.  Events are happening in cities across the country, Francophone & Anglophone alike.

It’s funny what you notice when you’re always on the look-out for potential blog topics:

I spent the last few days in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  I’ve heard French here a number of times now.  I’ve heard French (both a Southern Saskatchewan accent and from other regions of Canada) here in Moose Jaw this week at a hockey game, in stores and a couple of times in cafés (Moose Jaw has one of Western Canada’s more historic downtowns, and a good number of older buildings have been converted into turn-of-the-century styled or Viennese styled cafés).

I‘ve also seen Fransaskois flags as token licence plates on the front of a few vehicles the last few days.

It’s strange I have never noticed these things to the same extent in the past — perhaps because I wasn’t as much on the look-out as I am now, owing to the fact that I’m always keeping an eye open for potential blog post topics.

(I wrote a post about the various Francophone flags across the country — you can view it here: Official Francophone Representation Outside Québec)

f.sask.fgmj.003mj.002 mj.001

One of a few French elementary & high schools in & around Moose Jaw.

Anyway, the next posts will be from Toronto.


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