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The new “LINKS” page (#208)

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You may have noticed that I recently added a “LINKS” tab at the top of the main page.

I’m slowly chipping away at it as I find the time, adding topic-specific links.

I have yet to find one solid, and informative “links page”, in English, for the most pertinent Québec-related websites.

I’m hoping to fill this void on the net (this might actually end up being as good as it will get anywhere on the internet).  More importantly, I’m going to try to give descriptions and context for some of the more important links – therefore people will have a better understanding of what the links and websites are all about (their context).

It’s a work in progress, and you will see that I’m slowing working my way down under a number of the categories I’m starting with.  Things are liable to change, to get shuffled around, and to be added.

Make sure to check it every few weeks to see how its coming along.

I’m working on it a little bit today, considering that today is 2015’s first day of “real rain” here in Toronto.   The snow is gone, the fog set in last night, and today is the perfect day to stay indoors and hack away at the links page for a couple of hours.

But hey, I can’t complain about the weather… we only had 2.5 months of winter this year in Toronto – so it’s all good !!

(Actually, Toronto in the rain and fog is quite pretty — it has a “dig-in-and-get-things-done” mood to it… and the season of spring rains is my favourite time of year)



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