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All province’s & territories’ “Francophone” flags proudly being flown in Québec City (#234)

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I’m in Québec City today, so not much time for blogging.

But here is a photo I took of all of Canada’s official provincial & territorial “Francophone” flags being proudly flown in Québec City.

You’ll recall from earlier posts that Canada’s provinces and territories each have two official flags, officially recognized by Canada’s various provincial legislatures:  the official civic provincial flag, and the official Francophone & Francophile provincial flag (a fact often unknown or overlooked by many Anglophone Canadians).


These are the same flags you see on the left side on the home page.

Francophones and Anglophones alike can take pride in each of their province’s two official flags.

Here is an earlier related post I wrote:  Official Francophone Representation Outside Québec (#107)



  1. savannahgoyette says:

    Thanks for this photo. Where in Québec City are these flags?


    • Hi Savannah, they’re in a park just to the East of Québec City Hall in the old city. Many years ago I recall they used to be in “le Parc de la francophonie” just West of the National Assembly, but their new home now seems to be beside City Hall.


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