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Odds ‘n Ends Post from Québec City (#235)

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You may recall a few weeks ago I wrote a post which provided some old black & white and early colour footage of Québec; Old video footage of Québec in the 1930s, 40s & 50s (#199)

In that post I pointed out that rural Québec farms used to have outdoor stone and earthen ovens for cooking bread.  Such ovens were used from the 1600s until the 1940s).   I wondered out loud if any such ovens (or their ruins) might still exist in the countryside.   Well, I answered my question.   I found some in the countryside not far from Québec City.  Photos below.


ovn2Yesterday was my first time attending a book fair.  I popped in at the International Book Fair in Québec City to get a book signed by an internationally renown Québec author.

Unfortunately I did not have time to look around very much (my main reason for going was to get a book signed), but I saw that several famous people were present (Dany Laferière walked in the entrance right beside me, Denise Bombardier was there, as was Bernard Pivot — all of whom are very famous people in all Francophone countries for their written works and television careers).



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