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A Montréal Mystery: the Mountain Mirowave (#236)

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On my way back to Toronto from Québec City, I drove through Montréal and gave a quick tour of the city to my visiting company from Alberta.

We went up Mount Royal (the mountain behind downtown from which the city of Montréal takes its name).

In an area of the park with no vehicles or roads, we came across the most bizarre and unexpected mystery… a discarded microwave!

How in the heck did a microwave get all the way up there?  Why would someone even haul a microwave up there??  Did someone actually think they were going to “microwave their hot-dogs” instead of BBQ’ing them?  (Yet, only to find that electric sockets don’t grown on trees?).

Mystery of the century!

mcr.wv1 mcr.wv2


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