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Web-user’s favorite Anglophone Québécois – Part B (#306)

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The last post introduced you to web-users’ favorite ANGLOPHONE Québécois.

I introduced that post with a little bit of information on how Anglophones form an important part of Québec’s overall cultural fabric and spirit.

I’ll open this post by saying that Montréal’s unique city scene and cosmopolitan culture plays a major role in influencing the type of success Anglophones from Québec tend to achieve.

This is especially felt in artistic spheres.

Most Anglophone Québécois reside in Montréal.  It should therefore be no surprise that Anglophone artists from Montréal find as much “wide” success as their Francophone compatriots.  Montréal’s cultural backdrop is no small player in this equation.

Below are the remaining 15 “favorite” Anglophone Québécois ranked on Rankopedia (out of 25).  I’ve added a bit of my own insight and thoughts regarding each figure.


11.  Sam Roberts

  • Rock Musician (Born & raised in Montréal
  • One of Canada’s and Québec’s best selling and highest chart-topping singers of the past decade (with numerous #1 albums and singles).   Turn on the radio anywhere in Canada, and you won’t have to wait for long before hearing Sam Roberts.
  • Sings in English and French (the French version of Shapeshifters achieved the #1 hit spot in Québec).

12. Doug Harvey

  • Hockey Player (Montréal, born & raised)
  • One of the best NHL defencemen ever.
  • Passed away in 1989.
  • Played for the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Detroit Red Wings, Baltimore Clippers, Buffalo Bisons, Pittsburgh Hornets, Quebec Aces

13. Wilder Penfield

  • Neurologist (lived and worked most of his life in Montréal, where he died in 1976).
  • If you have a brain (and I hope you do), then thank Mr. Penfield for figuring out how it works, and in no small way.   Penfield was once dubbed one of the smartest men alive.

14. Jeff Martin

  • Rock Musician (Born in Ontario, but claims Montréal as home).
  • As just a normal everyday dude, he was… you know…  only just the lead singer of… “Tea Party!”
  • In the video below, you can catch bits and pieces of him speaking French (in a Québec City concert)

15. Rufus Wainwright

  • Pop Musician (Montréal inside and out).
  • One of Canada’s best known “alternative” pop singers (Baroque pop, operatic pop, indie pop).
  • He’s known to Anglophones and Francophones alike by pushing music over the edge with his unique style.   He was huge in Canada a number of years ago, and still attracts a lot of attention to this day.

16. Sass Jordan

  • Pop Singer, TV celebrity (Montréal be her hometown).
  • Wow… Hopefully I don’t need to tell you who she is.  But if you perhaps haven’t turned on the TV at some point this century, I can tell you she has rocked the country like few others have (not to mention that she’s one of the judges for Canadian Idol, and even an honorary colonel of Canada’s 417 Combat Support Squadron – bang, bang, boom!!).

17. Jessica Paré

  • Actress (Montréal, born & raised).
  • Although Anglophone, she started out acting in Québec’s Francophone film industry (with a break in one of Denys Arcand’s films), and then made the shift to Canada’s English film & television industry.
  • Eventually she made it big in the overall North American scene with her roles in The Baby-sitters Club, and as Megan in Mad Men.

18. Oscar Peterson

  • Jazz Musician (Montréal, born & raised).
  • Canadian jazz doesn’t get much bigger than Oscar Peterson.
  • He passed away in 2007 in Mississauga, Ontario.   His music left a large imprint across the country.


19. Clara Hughes

  • Olympian (Born in Winnipeg, calls Québec home).
  • Canadian multi-medallion Olympian – cycling & speed skating (both summer and winter Olympics).
  • Known for her humanitarian activism.

20. Jack Layton

  • Politician (Born in Montréal, grew up in Hudson, Québec).
  • Although he politically made a name for himself in Toronto, he maintained a special place in his heart for Québec, where he grew up.
  • His connection with Québec remained so strong that he swept the province away from the Bloc Québécois in the 2011 Federal elections, and may have started the beginning of the end for Québec’s sovereignty movement (many people believe Jack Layton was the man who may have pounded the final nail in the coffin of sovereignty… the story is still in the process of being written – only time will tell what mark he has left).
  • Regardless of what political stripes you wear, or whether you are Anglophone or Francophone, few in Canada would say he was not one of Canada’s greatest modern political figures, if for no other reason than his ability to connect with every day common people.
  • Passed away August 2011.

21. Norma Shearer

  • Actress (Montréal, born and raised)
  • Passed away in L.A. in 1983.
  • One of Hollywood’s finest hayday (1930s), multi-Academy award winning actresses.

22. Arturo Gatti

  • Boxer (raised in Montréal, where he also lived much of his adult life & post-boxing retirement – although born in Italy)
  • Died 2009 of suicide at age of 37.
  • Two-weight class, two-time world champion boxer.

23. Jonas Tomalty

  • Rock Singer (Born & raised in Montréal)
  • Lead singer of the chart-topping rock group “Jonas and the Massive Attraction”
  • Currently topping the charts in both English and French in Canada.
  • Although most of his songs are in English, many are also in French.

FRENCH version of one of his #1 hits (was one of the top singles of 2014 in Québec).

ENGLISH version of the same hit (was one of the top charting songs in English Canada in 2014).

24. Gregory Chamitoff

  • NASA Astronaut

25. Melissa Auf Der Maur

  • Rock Musician (Montréal through-and-through).
  • Alternative Rock





You are going to know a lot more about Québec after this series of posts


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