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Web-users’ favorite Francophone Québécois – Part B (#308)

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This is a continuation of web-users’ favourite Francophone Québécois.

The last post featured the first to fifth places.   Picking up from where we left off…

6.  Mario Lemieux

  • NHL player (from Montréal).
  • A few posts ago which featured Québec’s favourite hockey players, you will recall that Mario Lemieux ranked #4.  It is no surprise that he ranks high on this list too.
  • Lemieux made his name as one of the best of the best in the NHL during his time with the Pittsburgh Penguins (with them for 17 years from 1984 to 2006), during which the team won two Stanley Cups.
  • He was also on Team Canada when it won an Olympic gold in 2002.
  • He currently owns the Pittsburgh Penguins.

7.  Patrick Roy

  • NHL player (from Québec City).
  • Patrick Roy ranked as web-user’s #3 favourite hockey player a few posts ago.
  • One of the NHL’s most valuable players, he was with the Montréal Canadiens and then with the Colorado Avalanche for many years.  He won Stanley Cups with both teams.
  • Prior to his NHL career, he was with the Québec City Remparts (he is originally from the Québec City region).  Following his NHL career, true to his roots, he returned to Québec City to coach the Remaprts – an act which galvanized his place in his fan’s hearts.

8.  Mylène Farmer

  • Singer (from Pierrefords, Québec, raised for a large part of her life in France).
  • With over 30 millions records under her belt, there are very very few French-language singers anywhere in the world who are bigger than Mylène Farmer.
  • She has 13 number one hits to date (with eight being consective!!)
  • Her better known songs are:
    • “Désenchantée”,
    • “Pourvu qu’elles soient douces”,
    • “Sans contrefaçon”,
    • “Libertine”,
    • “Ainsi soit je”, “California”,
    • “Je t’aime mélancolie”,
    • “XXL”
    • “L’Instant X”,
    • “C’est une belle journée”,
    • “Rêver”,
    • “Les Mots”,
    • “Appelle mon numéro” and
    • “Oui mais… non”.

Check this video out and tell me how many other French singers are able to fill stadiums like this – in several countries!  (this particular video was filmed in the Stade de France which holds 81,000 people.  Fast forward to 1:44 in the video, and you’ll get an idea just how many people are at her concert.  Check out 8:20 to see her song end with a “bang”!

Here is one which shows her from a different style (same song, but different “feel”)

9.  Roy Dupuis

  • Actor (Actually, he’s Franco-Ontarian from Northern Ontario, but spent ¾ of his life in Québec).
  • I wrote a post about him a few months ago.  Click here for the link:  ROY DUPUIS https://quebeccultureblog.com/2015/04/20/roy-dupuis-247/
  • The above mentioned post has a lot of information, so I won’t say much more (most Anglophone Canadians would recognize him also owing to his English roles in Canadian television).   But to drive home the point just how popular he is, the post I wrote about him from April was unexpectedly picked up by someone on his official fan club’s facebook page.  They made a link to my post and within only a few days, over 1000 people visited the post I wrote on him.  I would say that shows he has a pretty die-hard fan base, wouldn’t you?

Here is a video of an interview (with English subtitles).

10.  Maurice ”Rocket” Richard

  • NHL player (from Montréal).
  • He ranked #2 in the list of favourite hockey players from Québec.
  • He passed away in 2000, but he continues to garner huge public attention to this day.
  • The new Champlain bridge in Montréal (which, when completed, will be one of the most expensive in Canada) came very close to be named the “Maurice Richard Bridge” (after very vocal public debate a few months ago, the Federal government determined it would retain its current name, the “Champlain Bridge”)”
  • He holds many “firsts” in his chest of NHL titles (goals, consecutive goals, etc.).
  • Winner of eight Stanley Cups with the Montréal Canadiens.

The lists are not finished… more to come!



You are going to know a lot more about Québec after this series of posts


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