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Web-users’ favorite Francophone Québécois – Part D (#311)

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This post continues the list of web-users’ favourite Francophone Québécois.

16.  Gabriel Aubry

  • Model (Montréal)
  • Born in 1975.
  • Best known for his international modeling appearances for some of the highest end Italian fashion houses, in addition to others such as Calvin Klein, Nautica, and Tommy Hilfiger.
  • He is one of the top earning male models in the world.
  • Has a child with his former partner, Halle Berry.
Here’s an exercise to test your patience: 

See if you can sit through the entire video below.  If you can, you are certainly more patient than me (I can tell you I couldn’t!).

17.  Félix Leclerc

  • Poet, Singer Songwriter (Born in La Tuque, lived much of his life in Montréal).
  • He also made television programs, acted, was an author, and made films.
  • Born 1914, died 1988.  Known for his songs and life as a singer from 1950s onward.
  • Leclerc is one of the most historic figures in Québec’s history – known as the “Father of Québec Song”.
  • His fame is made even more pertinent owing to his role in Québec’s modern history, particularly his contributions to Québec’s nationalist awakening (which makes him a hero for many in the nationalist movement).
  • Difficult to not find roads, schools, events, and awards named after him.  A case in point; the Félix Awards (also known as the ADISQ awards) are Québec’s equivalent of the Juno or Grammy’s, and are named after Félix Leclerc.
  • Some of his better known songs are:
    • La Fille De L’île
    • Le P’Tit Bonheur
    • Le Train Du Nord
    • Le Beau Blé
    • L’Hymne Au Printemps
    • Bozo

18.  Raymond Bourque

  • Hockey Player (Montréal)
  • Multi-record holder with the NHL.
  • 21 years with the Boston Bruins (retired in 2001).   Last team played for was the Colorado Avalanche.
  • To this day, he still has the most career goals, assists, and points by a defenceman (wikipedia’s wording).  A very tall order, considering he has already been retired for 15 years.

19.  Karine Vanasse

  • Actress (Born in Drummondville, moved to Montréal).
  • One of Québec’s best known and most prolific actresses, in both French and English.
  • The part of her career saw her act in the successful French-language films :
    • Séraphin: Heart of Stone,
    • Polytechnique
    • French Immersion (C’est la faute à Trudeau)
  • In the successful French-language television series :
    • 30 vies
    • Octobre 1970
  • In the successful English-language films:
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past
    • Midnight in Paris
  • In the successful English-language television series:
    • South Park (voice of Wendy)

An ENGLISH language interview with George S.:

A FRENCH language interview on Tout le monde en parle:

20.  Thérèse Casgrain

  • Political Activist from Montréal (feminist, reformer, politician and senator).  1896 to 1981.
  • Built upon the waves of earlier suffrage movements in other provinces of Canada and brought them to Québec’s political landscape to fight for the right for women to be able to vote provincially in Québec (after the right had already been accorded in other provinces in Canada).
  • Thérèse Casgrain is to Québécois what Nellie McClung is to Albertans.  In fact, when we look at Casgrain’s activist history play out in detail, I personally believe she looked to McClung and her Alberta experience for inspiration (however, that is an angle of history you will NEVER see taught in Québec text books… [sigh]).
  • Became one of the first women politicians in Québec after winning the fight for women to vote in provincial politics in 1940.  Was a candidate for numerous political parties at a Federal level from the 1940s onward, but did not enter parliament until she was appointed a senator by PM Trudeau in 1970.

This is a video how many people remember Casgrain (clear spoken, firm, and convincing).


There are still 5 more people to name in the list of net-users’ favorite Francophone Québécois.


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