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Quiz: Accents & Eagles (#326)

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Here is a little quiz for you.

Some friends and I went camping for a few days outside Toronto.

There were eight eagles circling around us (maybe they saw the dogs)… It got us talking as we were keeping an eye out for them.  As I was trying to film the eagles, I happened to catch a short clip of a few of us talking about them.

Here is a challenge for you:  Considering past blog posts I’ve written on the topic of different accents, and materials which I have provided you with, see if you can identify the three different French accents in the video below.


1.  Turn on the close captioning button “CC”


2.  See if you can identify Accents “A”, “B”, and “C”.    Listen very very carefully, and you’ll hear there’s a difference.

3.  I’ll give the answers at the very bottom of the post 🙂  




French Accent “A”:  The Greater Montréal & Upper St. Lawrence Valley Accent

French Accent “B”:  Alberta & Saskatchewan Prairie French Accent

French Accent “C”:  Standard Québécois Accent


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