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Too funny !! Makes you love election season (#333)

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This election season is finally starting to become funny!   I can’t resist.

Out of desperation to capture votes in Toronto, we’re seeing revamped signs in the GTA brandishing a well-liked ghost of the past, I mean, real substance.

Again, out of desperation in Québec (with a leader who is sinking faster than the Titanic) we’re seeing revamped signs erasing all mention of the holy and almighty chief Trudeau, and making those who are actually still alive look like the dead (as if the candidates are straight out of the obituary or something).

Love the morgue-like makeup… on all of ’em (line 50 different candidate signs all in a row, and you could fill a cemetery).


And in the BC interior, we’re seeing independent candidates give the likes of Trump a run for his money!

And the funniest thing ?  This last guy is actually for real!

Don’t believe me???  Check this out…  (am not BS’ing you).

(P.S.  Don’t think I wouldn’t pick on the Conservatives or the Greens also… I just haven’t found muck-up posters from them yet… but I’m sure they too will pop up eventually).

Addendum:  Pick on the Conservatives time (that didn’t take long!)  HAHAHA!  (WARNING – STRONG LANGUAGE)…

i might actually end up voting for the “Force” if nobody starts talking about economics and wealth-creation soon, instead of ONLY wealth distribution and re-distribution.  Those are very very important subjects also, but there won’t be anything to redistribute if you don’t first focus on conditions to facilitate wealth creation from a business perspective!  Not a single party is talking about it – insane!  (May the force be with you and give you strength, and boy do we need it).


(Yoda’s sign in Midland, Ontario)


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