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A short word on Belgian French (#218)

Belgian’s style of French has not had an influence in the development of Canada’s and Québec’s French.  However, because there is so much going back-and-forth across both sides of the Atlantic (particularly between Francophones in Canada and Francophones in Belgium), it is a style of French which we hear in Canada from time-to-time — when Belgians do visit Canada, or when we find ourselves in Europe.

We do not hear Belgian accents in Canada nearly as much as French accents from France (it would be difficult to spend a single day in many parts of Montréal without hearing an accent from France at least once or twice a day — or sometimes many times a day.  Even in Toronto there are a lot of people from France).   But it is still good for Anglophone Canadians to be able to recognize a Belgian accent from that of France, since we do here it in Canada from time to time.

The same person who made the “accent” and “language” videos of France (presented in yesterday’s post) also made similar videos for Belgium (with a similar language-to-region history with respect to former languages prior to a massive standardization).

Here are both of the videos for Belgian French:

10 Belgian French Accents:

10 Languages of Wallonie (Belgian’s Francophone Regions)