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The Three “Martins” : Martin Matte (#193)

The last post looked at Maxim MartinThis post will look at Martin Matte.

Martin Matte’s own career is not unlike that of the other two celebrities in this “Three Martins” blog-post series.

However, of all the three Martins, Martin Mattes’ career has perhaps seen the biggest success.   He has been one of the most high-profile, highly sought after celebrities of the last couple of years in Montréwood.   For the sake of comparisons, in terms of his celebrity status (if I were to compare him to other celebrities in the same age bracket), his star power perhaps is to Montréwood what Matt Damon’s would be to Hollywood (although their career paths and focus are very different).

Martin Matte’s background was stand-up comedy, from which he launched his career in the 1990s — and which he still occasionally does (he was one of Québec’s most successful comedians of the 2000’s).   But since then, he has gone on to become a very successfully sitcom actor and charity activist.

His longest sitcom career was on Caméra Café for 4 years (until 2006).

He now is the main actor in the very successful sitcom, Les Beaux Malaises on TVA.

Considering how famous he is, I find it surprising he has not done much acting in movies.  He has done one movie, however – Nitro, in 2007


Click HERE for a funny scene between Martin Matte & Guylaine Tremblay (the subject of an earlier post) on TVA’s website.

A short, comical scene from the sitcom Les Beaux Malaises on TVA’s YouTube channel can be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfXLtUJpoPg

One of the main reason he has become quite popular is because of his regular television appearances.  It is difficult to not see him, almost on a daily basis, somewhere on Montréwood television.  He is regularly on the most popular talk shows (for example, I think he has probably been on Tout le monde en parle more than most semi-regular guests).  He’s often seen in television advertisements and he’s usually front and centre in television gala events, as well as a regular on morning and daily variety shows.

Regardless of where you are in anglophone Canada, If you’re just starting to watch Francophone television, Martin Matte is a must-know in order to help sort out the “who’s who” in your mind.

The official website of his charity foundation is here: http://www.fondationmartinmatte.com/.


Martin Matte (#56)

Martin Matte is an actor & comedian who seems to be picking up more and more steam.  However, he has been in the public’s eye for the better part of 15 years in various roles.

His roots are comedy, doing stand-up shows, but his image has transformed into a comedic actor over the years — which is probably what he is best known for now.

Currently he is the lead actor in the TV sitcom Les beaux malaises on TVA (the show’s website is HERE).  The show is going into its second season.  In a nutshell, it’s about a father (played by Matte) and a mother raising their children, and addressing a good number of serious topics, but from a comedic angle.   Although the show has only one complete season under its belt, the show cleaned house this year that the 29th Prix Gémeaux;  best male actor, best female actor, a production award, and best comedy.   Anything that can pull off those types of awards after just one season (and not even very many episodes) says something about Matte’s acting.

Prior to Les beaux malaises, Martin Matte had a good number of other roles.  He was Honda’s official face in TV ads for their cars (each advertisement came with a humorous punch line, such as the now-famous “cow” ad… in which we see Matte, during rush-hour, screaming out his window “move it cow!”… with a zoom-out a few moments later showing a dairy cow standing in front of the car).

He also was one of the main stars in Caméra Café for a number of years.   I first saw the original, very popular France version of Caméra Café on TV5 monde when I was living abroad.  I didn’t realize at the time that it was adapted into many other languages and countries around the world (including into an English language Irish version).  It was only later that I realized there was a Québec adaptation of it.   I’ve seen a few episodes of it, and Matte’s performance is hilarious.

He has played several other comedy TV roles, he’s been the host of national award ceremonies, he’s a regular invitee on the talk show circuit (morning, noon and night) and he still does stand-up.

Because most of his work is Montréwood­-centric.  If you visit Montréal, see if you can find out what Matte is staring in at that moment, contact the television network or comedy company, and try to sign up in advance to be part of the live studio audience (unfortunately Le beaux malaises is not one of the productions filmed in front of a live studio audience).   I’m sure it would lend quite a unique experience to your Montréal trip, and give you a good number of stories when you return home.

If you search for clips of his work, you undoubtedly will reel with laughter.  A good starting point might be Riez Encore Spectacles.   Please stick to official sites which support the work of our artists, and don’t pirate (our artists are part of our cultural fabric).