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Anne Dorval (#52)

Anne Dorval is one of Québec’s best known television and movie actresses.

Despite being a rather famous actress, we don’t see her very often on the talk-show circuit.  However, the other day she made news waves and was the talk of the town when, in France, she was a guest on the French talk show On n’est pas couché.  She had a rather emotional on-air outburst towards fellow-guest, Eric Zemmour who is well known in France for extreme right, counter-current societal views (in this case she lambasted him over his views of what a traditional family should be and his views against homosexuality).   It was headline news back here at home (it ranked high in Le téléjournal amongst other news programs).  We saw her in a light we rarely see her, and she vividly defended Québec societal views during her exchange with Zemmour (which are on part with greater-Canadian views on the same topics) before a National audience in France.

She has acted in so many television shows and movies, that there’s no way I could adequately cover her appearances and career in this post.   Suffice to say, she’s as famous to Francophones as what any of the most famous Hollywood actors would be to Anglophones.   Her long list of prestigious awards goes hand-in-hand with the course of her career.

Some of the more famous television series in which she has stared include Les Parents, Virginie, and Chambres en ville.

Her movie line-up is quite impressive with culturally-iconic titles such as Ding et Dong, J’ai tué ma mère, and Mommy (which is winning accolades the world over at this moment).