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Thierry Doucet, and his not so politically correct YouTube hit videos (#367)

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When talking about any culture, it isn’t just about the politics, or just about serious topics which are of interest to mature, sane adults.

Every culture has its crazy side, and often it is this side which the public loves the most.

Thierry Doucet has been taking YouTube and Québécois in their teens and 20s by storm with his hit improv videos, usually involving his girlfriend or some other extremely hesitant willing friends.

His short, uncensored videos have been viewed by millions, mostly by Québec’s younger generations.  He has 100,000 subscribers who instantly see his videos the moment they come out, with the rest viewing them within the next few days as word quickly spreads.

All of this has likely made Thierry into one of the better-known ad-hoc pop-culture names with Québec’s younger generations.

Just the other day, he did it again, and released another crazy-ass video – and as expected, it went viral.

If you’re frigid and rigid, this video might not be for you.

But if deep down inside you still have that youthful wild streak which causes you to smile at the dumber things in life (even if you would never dare show that side to others), then sit back, watch, and laugh a little (life really is too short to take everything 100% serious).

Here’s Thierry’s latest video, which is taking up so much bandwidth in Québec:

Some of the most popular ones which have made PKP lots of money through Vidéotron eaten up a whole lot of Québec’s bandwidth are:


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