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HARPER is about to make his début on Québec’s talk show variety TV! – Part 1 of 2 (#376)

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This post perhaps will be irrelevant in a few days, but it does highlight the political power of Québec’s pop-culture scene.

A few days ago, I stated in another post that Prime Minister Harper never does the variety TV circuit, and it led to him to be generally labelled as a “chicken” in Québec (especially with his refusal to appear on Tout le monde en parle).

Well, the Liberals have been climbing in Québec’s pre-election polls… and climbing, and climbing.  The gains the Conservatives have made in Québec appear to be under threat by the Liberal climb.

What is Harper’s reaction?  (Brace yourselves!!)

Tonight he is going to make his first ever appearance on a French-language variety TV talk show!

That, my friends, is how you know the Conservatives believe their campaign is not going so well.

Harper will appear on the talk show named Salvail en mode, hosted by Éric Salvail.

In earlier posts, I have spoken to you about Éric Salvail. (Remember the Smirnoff shooters show where everyone gets drunk on TV?  Click HERE and HERE),  

Éric Salvail is sort of a Québec equivalent of Jimmy Fallon.  His show is quite popular.

His show airs on the “V” television network.  This means that, unfortunately, some regions of Canada risk not receiving it.

I do know that “V” is available all over Québec, in Ontario and New Brunswick, as well as in Winnipeg, but I am not certain of its availability elsewhere in Canada.

Regardless, tonight’s show with Harper should be more than interesting.  

I won’t be able to watch it live tonight (I have other plans, and Harper’s appearance on a variety TV talk show doesn’t exactly warrant me stopping my life for it).  However, wait a couple of days, and you (and I) should be able to view it online on the show’s website.

Here is the show’s website:  http://vtele.ca/emissions/en-mode-salvail/

And there y’are… the political and social power of Québec’s pop-culture scene.


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