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Some Metro (subway) & train videos from Montréal (#344)

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Visual context and always be a good thing.   I’ve had little time for posts lately, so I’ll post some videos I’ve come across which might be interesting for you.

I came across this nicely-made video of Montréal’s metro (subway) system.

Here is a video showing the AMT trains (the above-ground greater metro-region train system to various suburbs and commuter cities).  The AMT trains are popular with people who make daily commutes to Montréal from further away.

As a point of reference comme point de repère)…
From the country’s two other major cities / des deux autres grandes villes au pays… 

Here are some similar videos of other transit systems in the country / Voici quelques vidéos des deux autres grandes villes du pays:


It looks like some subway driver put a camera in his window.   My take… I don’t feel the same “open-heights” concept in Toronto’s subway as in Montréal’s metro.  Peut-être le chauffeur aurait mis son appareil-photo dans la vitre.  Mon opinon… Je n’ai pas le même sentiment de “toits ouverts” qu’à Montréal.

Like Montréal’s AMT system, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) also has a large network of suburb trains across the region, Go Trains.  Tout comme l’AMT, la grande région de Toronto compte elle aussi des trains de banlieu qu’on appelle les Go Trains.


Unlike both Montréal and Toronto, and because Vancouver does not get snow, Vancouver’s system is mostly an above ground, “elevated” system.  Un peu différent des systèmes de Montréal et de Toronto, celui de Vancouver se trouve sur des rails élévés, possible en raison qu’il n’y a pas de neige.

The Millenium line:

The line connecting Downtown to the airport and Richmond:

Vancouver also has a suburb heavy-rail train, the “West Coast Express”, which connects the further suburbs with the city city.  Vancouver compte également des trains de banlieu, le West-Coast Express.


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