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Ron Fournier (#7)

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Ron Fournier

Simply called “Ron” by everyone (pronounced with an English “R”, not a French “R”), he would be similar to a Québec Don Cherry – but it’s Ron’s style to keep his public remarks clean and without controversy.

Known for his no-nonsense, fast talking, call-it-as-it-is style, in a heavy Montréal Joual, he is instantly able to connect with the masses of hockey fans (and judging from the audience sizes he attracts, the word “masses” can be said to be an understatement!).

(Language note:  Joual is very informal, slang-styled speech unique to Québec, like a parallel French quasi-dialect to the otherwise standard French which is also spoken in Québec.  Think of it as the French equivalent of a deep, Southern English accent in the US – a form of French which Anglophones, and French people from France, often have difficulty understanding without routine exposure to it).

Ron comes across as a simple lover of hockey, who gets right into it and gives his opinion as would any die-hard fan. He had a generation of experience behind him as a former professional hockey referee – and his explanations and commentaries tend to give you the impression that he’s telling you how it is as if reciting the facts of the game from the surface of the ice.

He used to be the host of Radio-Canada’s NHL intermission commentary program La Soirée du Hockey (a similar format to CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada).  La Soirée du Hockey went off air a few years ago.  Ron has since been the host of sports / hockey programs on the radio, most notably in evening sports programs across Québec (notably 98.5FM Montréal & other related stations across the province).

Having attracted audiences in the hundreds of thousands (a true die-hard following), his voice is instantly recognized by the masses.  Just as Don Cherry and Ron MacLean are known to Anglophones elsewhere in Canada, Ron Fournier’s face and name have become etched into Québec hockey culture history — making him a cultural institution unto himself amongst the Québec public.

With some creative searches, you may be able to find some of his past or present broadcasts online.  Please stick to official sites and do not pirate (our pop-culture is part of our collective fabric).   See if you can catch one of his live evening commentaries via 98.5 FM’s website.


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