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Interesting radio show suggestions – Faut pas croire tout ce qu’on dit – Part 1 of 3 (#349)

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It’s Friday afternoon and it’s the weekend.

In light of the weekend, I thought it might be a good idea to offer to you what I consider excellent radio programs on Radio-Canada Première (the national public broadcaster’s discussion radio station) to explore this Saturday and Sunday.  

It doesn’t matter where you live in Canada.  Be it Whitehorse or St. Jean’s, wherever you are in Canada, you will receive Radio-Canada Première broadcasts on either FM or AM.

You may very well wish to explore my suggestions for Radio-Canada Première programs.

  1. If you are learning French (regardless of your level), the programs I am suggesting are spoken in standard, international French.
  2. I for one find them interesting and pertinent.
  3. I also find them much more objective than similar-natured programs (not only on Radio-Canada Première but also on other French-language radio stations).

I’ll let you in on a little secret regarding my own French-language radio listening habits…

When it comes to talk radio, I tend to divide my listening time between two radio stations.  One is a private talk radio station, and the other is and Radio-Canada Première.  

My favorite three favorite radio programs on Radio-Première are all magazine and current events program.

In this post I’ll offer you to a program which goes to air every Saturday.

Faut pas croire tout ce qu’on dit

(Rough equivalent:  You shouldn’t believe everything you hear)


“Faut pas croire tout ce qu’on dit” is a political magazine radio program which touches on very wide ranging topics.   I would classify its topics more as “macro-politics” than “micro”.   Therefore, regardless of where you live in Canada, this program is pertinent to you.

It is hosted by Michel Lacombe who does an excellent job of asking the right questions of his varied guests.  He and his team invite pertinent players and experts in the field of national Canadian and international politics.

There are THREE ways to listen to Faut pas croire tout ce qu’on dit.

– 1 –

  • You can listen to it live on Radio-Canada Première every Saturday from 12:10 (noon) until 1:00pm.  You can also listen to re-broadcasts every Sunday at 11:00pm.

– 2 –

Within the website, there is an option to listen to varied segments of the show (allowing you to chose which part of the show to hear, ie:  the panel, round-tables, summary, etc.)

– 3 –

This podcast page gives you the added advantage of being able to listen to past archived episodes.


Tomorrow is Saturday… Check it out, and bonne écoute!!

(With election season upon us, I’m sure tomorrow’s program will not be boring).

I’ll give you some other suggestions over the next couple of posts.


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