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Alex Perron (#67)

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I had the TV on in the background the other day when I saw unexpectedly saw Alex Perron as the invited guest on a talk show.   I hadn’t seen him for quite a long time on TV, but that doesn’t mean he’s not well known.

Prior to writing this post, I did a search for some of his clips, and it seems he’s still doing the talk-show circuit and is keeping pretty active career-wise (I guess I just must have missed him when I’ve had the TV on – Actually I don’t watch much television anymore, preferring to keep up with things online when I find the time).

Here is another personality where it’s difficult to find parallels in Anglophone Canada.   One parallel would be Scott Thompson (from Kids in the Hall) — actually, this could be a pretty close comparison — Alex Perron in many ways is to Québec what Scott Thomson is to Anglophone Canada.

Like Scott Thompson, being gay, and overtly playing up and overemphasising an overtly gay demeanour is part of Perron’s comedy appeal.   It makes him instantly recognizable, and has garnered him a notable fan base.  Québec, like the rest of Canada, is a very open and cosmopolitan society, thus Alex Perron’s fan base transcends may sectors of society – and he lends his name and support to charities close to his heart.

Like Thompson, Perron has many years behind him as being very well known as a comedy troop and circuit comedian.  He has worked closely with some of the biggest names in Montréwood, many of whom have been mentioned before in this blog (in a comedy troup with Louis Morissette, as a TV co-host with Normand Brathwaite, as a radio co-host with Jean-René Dufort).

When looking for footage of his work and career, please stick to officially approved sites and do not pirate.   Our artists are part of our cultural fabric.


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