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Various cultural rankings — Introduction (#301)

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Rankopedia is a site which asks net-surfers, net-users or netties (knows as internautes in Canadian French) to rank and vote on anything and everything.   Topics range from sports, to products & services to arts & entertainment, and many others.

It’s basically a polling site which collates people’s thoughts on what they like, and in which order.

Such a polling method is not scientific, but it offers insight nonetheless.

For the heck of it, I extracted some Québec-related topics.

The next few posts will look at rankings of:

  1. Voter’s favorite NHL hockey players from Québec (I finally found a way to do a post on hockey!!  A blog on Québec without some mention of hockey simply would not be a blog on Québec)
  2. Voter’s favorite Junior Hockey Teams from Québec – presumably ranked by Québécois themselves (A second post on hockey – Score!!)
  3. Voter’s favorite regions of Québec
  4. Voter’s favorite Francophone celebrities from Québec
  5. Voter’s favorite Anglophone celebrities from Québec.

I’ll try to supplement the above rankings with a bit of my own insight for you.

See you soon!



You are going to know a lot more about Québec after this series of posts


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